Download Golpo Somogro By Syed Waliullah

Golpo Somogro the book of Syed Waliullah is a big collection of short story. In this book you will find different types of books and the number of story collection is 49.

You will get 49 Bangla stories in one book.

In this book, Golpo Somogro there is grate story also here. The story Ekti Tolsi Gaser Kahini has been included in Bangla textbooks in class nine-ten syllabus.

Therefore, this book will also help you to gain extra out knowledge in literature. As a good student, you read this book.

Actually, the writer of this book is a great writer, popular and well-known writer in Bangladesh. His many book was translated in English. Syed Waliullah was born in 1922 and died in 1971.

Therefore, the great writer wrote this great book. Now you should read this book. You can take this book in your favorite book list.

Book Name: Golpo Samogro
Author:  Syed Waliullah
Book Type: Bangla Story

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