Bhyonkar Bhooter Golpo By Leela Mojumdar-Horror Story

Leela Majumdar was a great Bangali writer. There is magic in her writing style. The name of this book implies that this book will be a ghost story book.

Yea... You are right! However, this book has something extra ordinary.

In this book, you will get together 27 ghost stories and different ghost story writer writes every story.

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Horror is something which is unable to be described but full of mystery. Who like to read mysterious book and horror in mind, then this Bangla horror book can be a good one to read and enjoy.

Nevertheless, you cannot understand what the best ghost book is?

So, now Bangla Books PDF offering you free to download best ghost story book, name Bhayonkar Bhooter Golpo.

Book Name: Bhyonkar Bhooter Golpo
Writer Name: Leela Mojumdar

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By Leela Mojumdar, You are required to click here!