Download Bangla Ebook Maloncha By Rabidranath Tagor

Rabidranath Togor is a legendary writer of Bangla literature. He has written so many poems, novels and so on as well as He has enriched our Bangla literature by providing many creative works.

However, there is no need to introduce the writer. Because, the name Rabidranath Tagor, is a big star itself.

When you will see at the Bangla literature sky, your eyes first see the biggest star named Rabidranath Tagor.

Here is Bangla novel named Maloncha written by Rabi Tagor which have been presented here by Bangla Books PDF so that you can download Maloncha and enjoy it, if you want to take the test of Rabi writing.

In this novel named Maloncho, there are 10 chapters included and a clear pdf file so that you can enjoy it fully without feeling any harassment.

So, download the Bangla novel named Maloncha written by the great Bangla poet, novelist & dramatist named Rabidranath Tagor, and enjoy the novel.

Book Name: Maloncha
Writer: Rabidranath Tagor
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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