Make Money Online From Bangladesh- Bangla Freelancing Learning Book

Freelancing can be a great way to remove unemployment problem for educated persons in Bangladesh. It holds the privileges of performing freedom in workplace and earn a handsome amount of money. By becoming a freelancer, you are working for you and for your buyer. But, you can contribute to the country by bringing remittance.

Basically, to become a freelancer, you do not need to invest except paying your internet connection bills. All the resources and learning materials are available on internet. You just need to find out by searching.

If you are interested to become a freelancer, always remember that it is an hard path to become skilled and only after then you can get the fruit. It needs to work & learn effectively. It does not required to invest money first. After learning your task, you will know whether you should spend money or not. Such as you can spend money for your internet connection. And to learn from an expert person, you can pay the charge of that person. There is almost nothing more spending money without these.

Freelancing is often lucrative for its convenient opportunities to work at home. This is a process of making money online at home. But, many think only that they do not need to work hard and money will come to their pocket without doing much work or hard work. For this false phenomenon, people often falls in the hand of wrong path and they gradually build mistrust on it. By knowing a task and fulfilling the demand of your buyer, you can earn money online and make it true the dream of making money online without investment.

There are some Bangla freelancing book available in Bangla Books PDF. Just look at the menu and find out books under the Internet perspective. All these book may help you to learn freelancing and a specific task based on internet.

What is Freelancing?
Freelancing is a free occupation by resorting which a person can work at home and make money online. To become a freelancer, firstly you need to choose a valid and solid way. For that, you can take help from many established person nearby yourself. however, There are many valid ways to make money online from Bangladesh such as internet marketing(affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing etc.), business consultant and accounting services, writing, graphics designing, website designing & development etc. By resorting any of these, you can be able to make money online from Bangladesh.

What is Odesk?
Odesk is an online market place from where you can get freelancing tasks or freelance jobs. In this market place, buyers(Who offer to accomplish the jobs) place their works and freelancers(who complete the jobs) bid on that work or job. As the buyer select a freelancer from some bids. That freelancer completes the task and gets paid. More has been discussed on this Bangla Freelancing book to learn Odesk in Bangla.

If you want to become a freelancer in order to make money online from Bangladesh and work in odesk, firstly you need to have an moderate English skills. If you have not that, you can learn & practice English to enhance your English skills for 3-4 months with very passionate mind. After building moderate English level, you have to learn a task by solving which you will solve your buyers problem and they will pay you for your services.

However, This Bangla odesk learning book may help you to learn about the odesk market place and make money online from Bangladesh as a freelancer. But if you do not know any online task yet, first you need to learn an online task first.

Book Name: Odesk & Outsourcing
Writer: Mizanur Rahman

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