10 Popular Books of Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal is a so common name in the history of Bangla science fiction. Actually, He has enriched this section of Bangla literature mostly. Thus, in the history of Bangla science fiction story and novel, the name of Muhammad Zafar Iqbal will remain for all the time.

Most of his science fiction have gotten so popularity. And for best sold science fiction in Bangladesh, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal books come on the top of the list. However, Here, 10 popular books of this great science fiction writer have been given below. You can check out the list of that top ten Bangla books and read them to enjoy if you have missed any of those.

Mr. Iqbal also writes novels for teenagers. Both writings are enjoyable for his attractive writings style. However, If you like the list of Top ten popular books of Mohammad Jafar Iqbal sir, please be kind to share it with your friends so that they can also read these novels.

You can also check out the book of Muhammad Zafar Iqbal basis on mathematics named Goniter Moja Mojar Gonit.

Note: The list of above is not to judge the popularity of any book of this great science fiction writer. It has been provided in order to show you a highly popular or interesting book which you maybe read. If you miss so that you can read.

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