Bangla Joomla Book Free Download- Bangla CMS Book

If you are blogger, you may have known about CMS or in most case, you may have used it already. Wordpress is a prominent CMS and growing its popularity day by day. And Joomla is another one which older than wordpress and yet trying to keep its popularity. However, If you have interested on learning Joomla, this Bangla Joomla book may help you to provide essential guideline on learning Joomla in Bangla.

Joomla has won award for its useability. It is a helpful content management system which help you to build website and web application. Many web developers have been building web application for Joomla enable website or for Joomla CMS.

If you have interest to learn Joomla, as a Bengali, it is really helpful to follow a good Bangla book so that you are able to understand the guide effectively. Although, there are a lot of good content in English. If you understand English well, you should follow English Joomla tutorials. Because, frankly speaking, in Bangla language, there are smart shortage of good content on Joomla, Wordpress ans so on. But, if you have weakness in English, read how to develop English for Bengali and try to build vocabulary as well as try to improve your English regularly and read this Bangla Joomla book to learn Joomla along with English practice. And finally, as a web developer and freelancer, you should have good communication skill which should be developed by yourself.

Book Name: Beginning Joomla
Writer: Md. Mizanur Rahman

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