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Download Biographical Novel Amar Chelebela by Humayun Ahmed

Do you eagerly want to know about the childhood day of Humayun Ahmed? Or, Do you want to know more about your favorite writer Humayun Ahmed? Or, You have read so many Humayun Ahmed books, But you know about him a little. Is it fair? However, by this book named Amar Chelebela, Humayun Ahmed will tell you about his childhood story! We hope definitely you will love this Bangla Book, If you would love his other novels.

In clear word, It is a book of biographical type. As a result, the stories are come out from the writers own life. It is a charming matter to know some own stories of such a popular writer! So, Download Bangla Book named Amar Chelebela by Humayun Ahmed and read in order to enjoy!

Book Name: Amar Chelebela
Writer: Humayun Ahmed

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