About us

About us: We are behind the Bangla Books pdf. And we are some students of various universities and colleges. We like to read and we like to inspire people for reading. As we know reading is a good habit and we hope you also know it, No matter what sorrow attacks you, But when you will start reading a novel, You forget your sorrow. And you may find yourself in the middle of that story!

Books inspire, Books teach and Books help to live. Knowledge is always essential to live. Books can't be ignored as a big source of acquiring knowledge.

We conducted a local library on our area. But we can't captured as much as want. We always wanted to deliver books to all types of people as much as we can! But there were many problems such as stealing books, no responsibility to back the book from many readers. Thus for few people, mass beneficial was hampered.

Now, For the privileges of Internet, We have resorted this way to deliver books to dedicated readers. This way not only deliver books to people who are in Bangladesh but also deliver to worldwide Bangali who are living outside of Bangladesh. We are happy by doing such kind of work.

Our all efforts and trying are with the benefits of our honorable readers. We always try to keep the  users benefits best.

For Author:
N.B. We do not host any book. We believe that it may hamper the writer rights. If you are an honorable author of any book which is published on Bangla Books PDF and you don't want to see that book on it, you can write us about this to salauddin6301@gmail.com. We'll consider your request and remove the book from our website.