Onner Jonno Khotom Pora ki islam sommoto? By Shaikh Muniruddin Ahmed

Praised to be Allah or the owner of all praise is Allah and He is the lord of the world and for this reason, he gave us a Holly book for Merciful.

The Holly Quran is the timeless Speech of Allah and it is a study guide for life and death and what comes after that. This book is Allah’s Speech and for this reason, this book deserves a more careful study.

You know, the name of the book is “Onner Jonno Khotom Pora ki Islam Sommoto?” or Is it permitted in Islam to read for others? Another question I have about the topic that will they benefit by such recitation by others? Certain people claimed that this is a new innovation.

Actually, by reading this book, you will get the answers to all above questions. There is a lot or great controversy about this issue and there is a fiery dispute between the Muslims in the recent times in the issue.

For disputing by many Muslims about this issue, it has become a hostility situation among the Muslims and even one group of Muslims considers the other group as intolerance and bigotry.

For the reason, you should read the Bangla Islamic book for making clearance about this issue. You know, reading Islamic book will help you to know or increase your Islamic knowledge. Knowledge is helpful to judge the right pathway. This book has written by Sheikh Muneer Uddin Ahmed and he has written on a good issue.

So, download the Bangla Islamic book named “Onner Jonno Khatom Pora ki Islam Sommoto by Sheikh Muneer Uddin Ahmed” and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Onner Jonno Khotom Pora ki islam sommoto?
Writer Name: Shaikh Muniruddin Ahmed
Book Type: Bangla Islamic Book

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