Muktijuddho Kosh by Muntassir Mamoon

Muktijoddho Kosh by Muntassir Mamoon is a Bangla history book or Bangladesh liberation war book which is edited by Muntasir Mamun.

You should read the book with ASAP (As Soon As Possible) because this book has something new thing for learning.

The English meaning of this book is War Cells. This book was written on the liberation War of 1971 in Bangladesh.

The writer of this book Muntasir Mamun is a great Bangladeshi writer, historian, scholar, translator and the professor of the University of Dhaka.

About The Editor:
Muntassir Mamoon was born in 1951 and was a popular Bangladeshi writer, translator, scholar, historian, and a professor.

Mr. Mamoon was awarded from Bangla Academy Literary Award and Ekushey Padak and these awarded was given by the Government of Bangladesh.

He graduated from the Dhaka University from the Department of History. He has worked mainly in the historical city of the Dhaka. He has written several Bangla history books about the city of Dhaka.

Actually, Mr. Mamun took part in the movements to protect Dhaka. Muntasir Mamun has translated some thrillers, science fiction stories and horror stories.

About The Book:
Bangladesh Liberation War was one of the great revolutions because this event is the rise of the Bengali nationalist in 1971.

The liberation war began after the Pakistani military Junta based on the West Pakistan launched as the Operation Searchlight against the people of the East Pakistan on the night of 25 March 1971.

The East Pakistani People and all freedom fighters and their sadness, sacrifice, victory, and joy are explained fully in the 10 volume of the book Muktijuddho Kosh by Muntassir Mamoon.

By the way, this book has 12 Volumes and 8034 pages. After a long time of liberation war, we have got a full with 12 volume books that are written on the Bangla liberation war in 1971.

So, download the Bangla history book named ‘Muktijuddho Kosh by Muntassir Mamoon’ and read Bangla books to enjoy!

Book Name: Muktijuddho Kosh
Writer Name: Muntasir Mamun
Book Type: Liberation War 1971 Books

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