Shorom by Taslima Nasrin

Shorom by Taslima Nasrin is a Bangla novel book which is written by Taslima Nasrin.

The story of this Bangla novel book is really a nice story.

You may read the best book of Taslima Nasrin is Lojja by Taslima Nasrin.

This book is the part 2 of Lojja but here the writer has given another name of part 2 of Lojja.

About The Author: 
Taslima Nasrin was a doctor and she studied gynecology department of Mitford hospital and in Dhaka Medical College and Hospital she studied at the anesthesia department.

Actually, she saw girls who had been raped; women cry out in despair if their baby was a girl and for these reasons, she was born into a Muslim family but she became an atheist over time.

Taslima Nasrin is an award-winning writer, physician, and secular humanist.

Taslima Nasrin has written a lot of popular Bangla books and some of his famous and great Bangla books are...

About The Book:
If you read the book, you will be able to know about the last action of Lojja hero. This book is the second part of Lojja.

Lojja by Taslima Nasrin is the best book of Taslima Nasrin and this book has been sold at large.

The name of the main character of this novel is Suronjon Dutta. He was also the main hero of Lojja part 1.

Bangladesh government exiled the writer for the book of Lojja.

However, this book is also a popular Bangla book of Taslima Nasrin.

So, download the Bangla novel book ‘Shorom by Taslima Nasrin’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Shorom (Lojja 2)
Writer Name: Taslima Nasrin
Book Type: Novel

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