Bangalir Hasir Golpo by Jasim Uddin

Bengalir Hasir Golpo by Jasim Uddin is a big collection of Bangla funny stories which are written by Jasim Uddin. Jasim Uddin was a poet, writer, songwriter and folklore collector and a radio personality.

In Bangladesh, he is commonly known as “Polli Kobi”, and this name came for his faithful rendition of Bangla folklore in his works.

About The Author:
Jasim Uddin was born on 1 January 1903 and he died on 13 March 1976 and he was one of the best poets in the Bangla literature.

His major works include Hashu and Holud Boroni.

The rural poet was graduated from the University of Calcutta. Jasim Uddin received the first major award, the Pakistani President’s Award for the pride of performance in 1958. In 1976 he was the recipient of the Ekushey Pakak award.

He has written many popular Bangla books and some of his famous books are

About The Book:
Bangalir Hasir Golpo is a Bangla funny short stories books which are written by Jasim Uddin.

If you read this Bangla book, you will get to know some kind of Bangla funny story and these stories are the really amazing story. If you love Bangla golpo, this book will be the best book for you and you will get simple writing style of Jasim Uddin.

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Book Name: Bangalir Hasir Golpo
Writer Name: Jasim Uddin
Book Type: Bangla Story

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