Asman Singho by Jasim Uddin

Asman Singho by Jasim Uddin is a Bangla poem book which is written by Jasim Uddin.

The author of this book is really a nice and great and popular Bangladeshi poem writer.

He is one of the best popular Bangla poem writers.

About The Author:
Jasim Uddin was one of the best and greatest poets in the Bangladesh and he was started his career in Bangladesh as a collector of folk literature in the radio station.

Jasim Uddin was appointed to the job when he was working as a researcher assistant at the Kolkata University.

Later, he joined the DU as a lecturer and after that, he joined the government department of Information and Broadcasting.

He has written many popular Bangla books and some of his famous Bangla books are

About The Book:
The book Asman Singho is a Bangla poem book and this book was written by Jasim Uddin.

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Book Name: Asman Singho
Poet Name: Jasim Uddin
Book Type: Bangla Poem/ Bangla Kobita

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