Sabdhane Thaki Sabdhani Rakhi- Bangla Meena Comics Book

Sabdhane Thaki Sabdhane Rakhi is a series of Meena Cartoon and you will get this Bangla book as PDF as Bangla comic book.

This series try to teach us that how to keep safe of our child? One day Meena, Raju, Mithu and their mother went to stores for buying some food.

Then, Raju falls down under a bus on the main road because of the unconscious of Raju. And when they returned home, they could not find Rani.

So, everything was happening beyond their control. Later, they took some steps for preventing these accidents. However, what were these steps?

If you want to know, you have to read the full Bangla Short Comic book of Meena Cartoon series.

By the way, Meena Cartoon is very popular cartoon for the children. This book will also help them for reading Meena’s life story with fun.

So, download the Bangla Comic book of Meena series Sabdhane Thaki Sabdhane Rakhi and read to enjoy!

Book Name: Sabdhane Thaki Sabdhani Rakhi
Publisher: UNICEF
Book Type: Bangla Comics

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