Fajil by Anisul Hoque Bangla Ebook

Fajil by Anisul Hoque is a popular Bangla novel which is written by Anisul Hoque.

The story of this book is really awesome!

The first character that introduced by the writer is Masud Rahman and he is worked in a newspaper as a weekly observer.

Masud Rahman works there as assistance secretary. He is very weak in his mind. It is a panic that always plays in his mind.

So, from the above description, I can say that this story will be a different and amazing story.

The writer of this book is also a brilliant student and now he is living in Dhaka and working as a journalist on a daily newspaper.

He has written many popular books such as Etodin Kothay Chilen by Anisul Hoque/ Motku Mamar Goenda Avijan by Anisul Hoque/ Bhalobasi Ascharja Meghdal by Anisul Hoque/ Jokhon Ami Motku Chilam by Anisul Hoque/ Ei Jontro Loia Amra Ki Koribo by Anisul Hoque/ Valobasa Dot Com by Anisul Hoque etc.

However, these all books are popular books of Anisul Hoque and Ma by Anisul Hoque is more popular one of them.

So, download the Bangla novel Fajil by Anisul Hoque and read to enjoy!

Book Name: Fajil
Writer Name: Anisul Hoque

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