Chapakhanai Ekta Bhut Thake by Anisul Hoque

Chapakhanai Ekta Bhut Thake by Anisul Hoque is a Bangla Horror Story which is written by Anisul Hoque. The horror story of this book is really awesome and the story is about own Anisul Hoque.

Jafar is a literary editor of Prothom Alo and one night at 11 pm he goes to Anisul Hoque house for writing a horror story. But later Jafar said that he did not go there and the story was sent to Jafar at that night at 12 am. The story that sent by email to Jafar was written by Anisul Hoque at the morning.

So, it is a miracle thing that happened with Anisul Hoque.

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So, download the Bangla Horror Story PDF Chapakhanai Ekta Bhut Thake by Anisul Hoque and Read to Enjoy!

Book Name: Chapakhanai Ekta Bhut Thake
Writer Name: Anisul Hoque
Book Type: Bangla Novel

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