Moushalkal by Samaresh Majumdar

Moushalkal is a Bangla novel and the writer of this Bangla book is Samaresh Majumdar.

Samaresh Majumdar is a great and popular Bangla Indian writer and he was born on 10 March 1942.

Samaresh Majumdar Arjun character is the most famous character of all his works and this character is the detective character.

Onimash a character of Samaresh Majumdar he was involved in politics in 1970 and got paralyzed in a torture of the opposite political party.

He has a friend named Madhobilota. Onimesh and Madhobilota is a famous pair in the works of Samaresh Majumdar.

Later their son emerged in his novel and the name of their son is Orko.

So, in this Moushalkal by Samaresh Majumdar novel, you will get all there together Onimesh, Madhobilota and Orko and their conscious political story.

He has written more interesting book and these are Tonu Atonu Shongbad by Samaresh Majumdar, Uttaradhikar by Samaresh Majumdar, Shantipriyo by Samaresh Majumdar etc.

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Book Name: Moushalkal
Author Name: Samaresh Majumdar

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