Top 10 Bangla IT Blog Sites- Bangla Blog To Get Engaged With Computer & Related Staffs

Bangladesh has so much developed in the Information Technology sector that if you go through Google and search for Top 10 Bangla IT blog sites, you will be amazed to see almost all of them belong to the Bangladeshi hyper geniuses, boys and girls so young yet so talented that even the people of the world watch being amazed.

With such little providence of such little Information Technical help, management and equipments the Bangladeshi young generations have already over powered world’s top it blogs and have become an upcoming dominating power.

The proof of which lies in the fact when Bangladesh had a cyber-war with India, Malaysia and  other developed countries based on national and international issues. And thus blogs of Information Technologies had a huge raise then and now popping up through the walls they are on top.

Every person who go through a blog, a Bangla blog in specific if to be asked would definitely say that he or she go through the information and technology blog once whenever they roam the Bangla blog world.

Coming to rate those as the top 10 blogging sites several studies, field experiments and assessments we have to find out which are the most visited and which are the most rated by their visitors, and by the eco of the combination the results will come out. So let’s have a try, shall we?

As we have the curiosity and the urge to find out the top 10 IT Bangla blog after doing some search works we see that we may not come up with sites fully associated with information technology but directly or indirectly they are linked to the subject matter.

As for the research we have searched the net surface and found several ranking methods and results. And here are the names that we come up.

The top 10 Bangla IT blog sites:

01) TechTtunes: The largest of its kind, unbeaten and undefeatable yet. The web address is techtunes. (dot) com. (dot) bd, the most visited and most recognized, most rated and most spreaded site with almost all IT helps you would need and it is for free! Yes, this site has a huge international reputation as well.

02) Some where in Blog: Not complete technology based, though the information side is too damn solid to be compared with any other sites. The web address is somewhereinblog.(dot)net. The most talked about and criticized as well as praised site for networking and other articles that they publish.

03) Tuner Page: The third in number, the second in Information and Technology perspective, the little brother of Tech Tunes can be said. Go to Tunerpage.(dot) com and be amazed with what they are waiting for you!

04) Amar Blog: One more in general blog that consists of materials we are seeking in this article. The following line up takes in not that much narrowable sites but very vital and important when to visit are

05) Prothom-aloblog
06) Pchelplinebd
07) Rrfoundation
08) Projanmo
09) Sachalayatan
10) Earntricks

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