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There are five fundamental bases of Islam. Namaz or Shalat is one of those and the most important one. As a Muslim, We have to obey & maintain five times prayers within a day at exact time duration. But it is the matter of sorrow that some of us can't know yet well how to complete Namaz properly.

But it is the worst matter of sorrow that some of us even don't try to know the rules to complete Namaz accurately. We should also try for knowing many 'dua and mashala' to make sure correctness in our namaz and get extra fruits from the almighty Allah. If you try, you can. Because Allah will help you.

All five pillars of Islam are so important and a Muslim must maintain those properly to become  'Momin'. By maintaining "namaz" regularly, one can achieve the best satisfaction of the almighty Allah. Because, among five pillars, namaz is the one which has to be obeyed & maintain daily at five times. Others don't need to maintain daily.

To obey and maintain namaz accurately, we need to acquire enough knowledge on this. Due to lack of proper knowledge on Namaz, Some of us make mistake in this important 'Ibadot'. But, it should not be delay to be aware about the mistakes happening in namaz and make correct. However, in this regard, an standard namaz shikha book can help us a lot. As we are Bangali, a Bangla namaz shikha book can help us to know the rules and regulation of namaz well.

To make your namaz accurate, don't depend on this book only. By reading this book, you will be able to know the theory. To be practical, after knowing the theory of this Bangla namaz shikha book pdf, take the help of a good 'Alem'. When you know the rules and regulation of this prayer, show it in front of a person who maintain five times namaz regularly. If you have some mistakes at that time too, you can correct those.

However, we hope that our Bangla namaz shikha book can help you at least at a little amount and for that it can be beneficial for you. The almighty Allah helps all of us.

Consequently, Here is a Bangla book  to learn namaz in Bangla language named Bangla Namaz Shikha, to know about Namaz's rules and regulations. By this Bangla Namaz Shikha book, You can be benefited at least, if you follow!

So, Download Bangla Islamic Book  i.e.  Free Bangla Namaz Shikha Book Download and sharp your Islamic consciousness and get the Allahor Pother Thikana.

Book Name: Bangla Namaz Shikha
Writer: Dr. Abdullah Bin Ahmed Ali Azzide
Book Type: Bangla Islamic Books

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