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Microsoft Office Bangla Computer Book Download
Microsoft Office is a set of desktop both offline and online applications which offers the service of office suite programs. This office suite product developed by Microsoft Corporation and it was first declared by Bill Gates on 1 August 1988.

The first version content of Microsoft Office was Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office shortly MS Office is also very important for your career life. The necessity of knowing MS Office functions is increasing day by day in developing Bangladesh. It will help you in every part of your job such as sending an e-mail, preparing a presentation or preparing your office assignment etc.

There are many things that you have to learn about Microsoft Office Functions. Bangla Microsoft Office Book PDF i.e. Bangla computer books will help you to learn functions with Bangla language.

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Microsoft Word Bangla Computer Book Download

Microsoft Word is a package of Office application that is a word processor developed by Microsoft Corporation. At first, it was released under the name Multi-Tool Word.

MS Word will help you to create and share your professional-looking content by combining a comprehensive set of MS offers writing tools with an easy way to use of Word Fluent user interface.

It is popular for smart art, turning data into visual charts, making your document interactive, watermarks, mail merge, search and replace, spell checker, and after all viewpoint etc.

By this application, you will be able to produce a high-quality document. So, use it and be smart.

Book Name: Bangla Microsoft Word Book
Book Type: Bangla Computer Book/ Bangla Microsoft office book

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Microsoft Excel Bangla Computer Book Download
Microsoft Excel shortly MS Excel focuses on making easy for users to add different types of numbers to a spreadsheet.

It is an easy way for the user to specify formulas in a spreadsheet with various ways.

Microsoft Excel can display data as line graphs and charts with a very limited three-dimensional graphical display.

It is one of the greatest, most powerful and most important software applications of all time.

There are many industries cannot run their company without it. It has become a traditional statistical program now.

It is more used in Accounting and Finance, Data organization, programming, graphing, proficiency etc.

Book Name: Bangla Microsoft Excel
Book Type: Bangla Computer Book/ Bangla Microsoft Office Book

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Microsoft PowerPoint Bangla Computer Book Download
Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program that is developed by Microsoft Corporation.

MS PowerPoint is more useful for helping to develop the slideshow based presentation format and it is currently one of the most important commonly used presentation programs available.

PowerPoint is a quick and easy way to organize your ideas and information also.

It is easy to create a colourful, attractive design using standard templates and themes. You can easily modify charts, easy to drag and drop slides to re-order presentation.

Book Name: Bangla Microsoft Powerpoint Book
Book Type: Bangla Computer Book/ Bangla MS Office Book PDF

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Microsoft Access Bangla Computer Book Download
Microsoft Access is a database management system developed by Microsoft Corporation.

It offers the relational database engine with a graphical user interface. It can import link directly to from data stored in other applications and databases.

You can create tables, queries, forms and reports and connect them together.

If you can become an advanced user then you can create the programming language. MS Access can integrate with other technologies like MS Excel, Word etc.

Book Name: Bangla Microsoft Access
Book Type: Bangla Computer Book/ Bangla Microsoft Office Book

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