Nazrul Gitika by Kazi Nazrul Islam Bangla Book

Book Name: Nazrul Gitika
Writer Name: Kazi Nazrul Islam
Book Type: Bangla Poem Book

Nazrul Gitika by Kazi Nazrul Islam is a popular Bangla poem book and this book will be the perfect Bangla book if you are looking for reading a new awesome Bangla song.

Actually, if you are wanting to listen to a new Bangla song, you can choose a new item song from the book Nazrul Gitika that means Nazrul Songs.

I am giving a list of what types of songs are available in this Bangla Poem or Bangla song book. . .

1. Omor Khoiyam Giti
2.  Jatiyo Songit
3. Thongri Giti
4. Hasir Gan
5. Gojol
6. Drupodi
7. Kirton
8. Boul- Vatiyali
9. Toppa Giti
10. Kheyal Giti etc.

These are called genre that is available in the book of Nazrul Giti.

So, download this Bangla book or Bangla Poem book title "Nazrul Giti by Kazi Nazrul Islam" and read Bangla book to enjoy Bangla books. 
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Remarks: Reading books or Reading habit helps to make you smarter. We have limited knowledge about anything but books tell us the story about what we don't know and thus books can help us to improve your knowledge. 

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