Sojon Badiyar Ghat by Jasimuddin

Sojon Badiyar Ghat by Jasimuddin is a Bangla poem book which is written by Jasimuddin.

If you read the Bangla poem book one time, you will get the total definition of Bangla poetry. actually, poetry comes from the individually heart. By reading this poem book, you can understand its poetry.

About The Author:
Jasimuddin was born on 1 January 1903 and the full name of Jasimuddin was Jasimuddin Mollah.

He was one of the great and popular Bangladeshi poet, songwriter, folklore collector, radio personality and prose writer.

In Bangladesh, he is commonly known as Polli Kobi or the rural poet. Jasimuddin was noted by people for his depiction of rural life and love of nature from the different viewpoint.

He has written many popular Bangla books and he wrote some important patriotic song and some of his famous Bangla books are...
  • Sojon Badiyar Ghat by Jasimuddin
  • Jasimuddiner Shrestho Kobita by Jasimuddin
  • Bangalir Hasir Golpo by Jasimuddin
  • Baluchor by Jasimuddin
  • Asman Singho by Jasimuddin

About The Book:
You know, poetry helps us to know each other of our community. It helps us to increase our imagery power.

If you read the Bangla poem book Sojon Badiyar Ghat by Jasimuddin, you will certainly get something new and imagery things. This book is one of the popular Bangla poem books of Jasimuddin.

By the way, when you read aloud this poem book, you will get different types of interesting rhythms and music.

So, download the Free Bangla Poem book ‘Sojon Badiyar ghat by Jasimuddin’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Sojon Badiyar Ghat
Poet Name: Jasimuddin
Book Type: Bangla Poetry

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