Phani Manasha by Kazi Nazrul Islam

Phani Manasha by Kazi Nazrul Islam is a Bangla poem book or Bangla Kobita book which is written by Kazi Nazrul Islam.

You know, he is famous for writing the poem and Kazi Nazrul Islam was a Bengali poet and he is a national poet in Bangladesh.

And You should read Bangla Kobita of Kazi Nazrul Islam and read Bangla Kobita will help you to development your ideas.

About The Author:
Kazi Nazrul Islam was born in 1899 and he died in 1976 and he was a great, popular Bengali poet, musician and different types of pioneer poetic workers in Bangla literature.

The poet has full spiritual intention writing rebellion against fascism and oppression.

Kazi Nazrul has a popular title and that is ‘Rebel Poet’ and Bangla is ‘Bidrohi Kobi’ and this title earned Kazi Nazrul Islam by writing different types of rebellion poetry.

The National Poet of Bangladesh has written many popular Bangla books and he has also written many Bangla Bidrohi Kobita and some of his famous Bangla Kobita books are...
  • Maru Vashkar by kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Sindhu Hindol by Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Sonchita by Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Agnibina by Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Sarbahara by Kazi Nazrul Islam

About The Book:
The Bangla Kobita book ‘Phani Manasha’ is a creative arts therapy and by reading this book you will get some magical verses that will help to communicate, feelings and thoughts with the book.

This Bangla poem book is largely emotional and if you think, you are in a depression, then you can read the poem book. You will found that really poetry is one of the best outlets.

However, have you ever sat for reading a poetry book? I will suggest you for testing this book one time.

So, download the Bangla Kobita book or Bangla poem book named ‘Phani Manasha by Kazi Nazrul Islam’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Phani Manasha
Poet Name: Kazi Nazrul Islam
Book Type: Bangla Poem / Bangla Kobita

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