Nurani Quran Shikkha by Hafez Abdur Rahman

Nurani Quran Shikkha by Hafez Abdur Rahman is a Bangla Islamic book and a Bangla Quran Shikkha book which is written by Hafez Abdur Rahman.

You know, Islam is a very practical religion and it is a totally nice lifestyle. The main thing in the Islam is Quran and Quran teaches us about how to pray and worship our lord and how to deal with the parents and family members.

This Quran also gives us the education of how to be good and have a noble character and it also teaches us why we not to cheat, kill, steal etc.

This book has 128 pages and this book will change your life in the sector of learning Quran in Bangla language. In this book, the author’s aim to make easy, inspire you and make a better in the reading and understanding Quran Sharif.

If you are serious about memorizing the Quran in Bangla, this book will be the best Bangla Islamic book for you.

You know, memorizing Quran or Bangla Quran Shikkha is a huge task because our mother tongue is not Arabic. There is a lot of witnessed that children memorizing Quran is easier with compared to adults.

You will get the reason behind the reason and eventually, you will be able to learn Bangla Quran by reading this book.

So, download the Bangla Islamic book or Bangla Quran Shikkha book named ‘Nurani Quran Shikkha by Hafez Abdur Rahman’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Nurani Quran Shikkha
Writer Name: Hafez Abdur Rahman
Book Type: Islamic Ebook

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Nurani Quran Shikkha by Hafez Abdur Rahman
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