Ma Fatemar Jibon Kahini by M.A Saiful Islam

Ma Fatemar Jibon Kahini by M. A Saiful Islam is a Bangla Islamic book which is written by M.A Saiful Islam.

This book is very important for Muslim people.

You know, The Prophet of Islam has only and only one daughter and her name was Fatima. This book was written by Saiful Islam on the biography of Prophet’s daughter.

About The Book:
Do you know? Many Muslims choose to have named their daughter's name as Fatima and who was Fatima?

She was the youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. All Muslims people give honor and respect to Fatima because of she was very close to the Prophet Muhammad (SW).

You know, the Prophet has only one daughter named Fatima and her mother named was Khadija. When Muhammad was about 35 years old and her mother Khadija was about 50 years old then Hazrat Fatima was born.

If you want to get free Bangla Islamic book, this book will be the best Bangla book for you and you will get something new thing in the book of Ma Fatimar Jibon Kahini by Saiful Islam. She was very close to the Prophet Muhammad at the time of her adulthood.

However, this book is really a nice and awesome book and I will suggest you read this book for getting Islamic awareness.

So, download the Bangla Islamic book ‘Ma Fatemar Jibon Kahini by Saiful Islam’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Ma Fatemar Jibon Kahini
Writer Name: M.A Saiful Islam

Book Type: Bangla Islamic Book PDF

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Ma Fatemar Jibon Kahini by M.A Saiful Islam,
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