Kobitar Kotha by Jibanananda Das Bangla Book

Kobitar Kotha by Jibanananda Das is a popular Bengali poem book which is written by Jibanananda Das.

He was a great and popular Bengali writer. Kobitar Kotha is also a popular Bengali poet criticism book.

You should read poem often because, you know, poetry is emotional. Loving of poetry can help you in increasing your academic skill.

About The Writer:
Jibanananda Das was a great educationist. He was born in Barisal district in 1899.

His father’s name is Satyananda Das and he was a good school teacher and social worker, co-founder or editor of the Brahmabadi.

His mother’s name is Kusumkumari Das and she was also a poet. People called Jibanananda Das as a poet of nature.

His Bengali poem book Dhushar Pandulipi represents the unique love expression of his creative mind and imagination.

Jibanananda Das has a strong own perception, creativity, and imagination that helped him to come out the unique verses.

Jibanananda has written many popular Bengali books and Das is famous for writing exceptional Bengali kobita and some of his famous Bengali Kobita books are...
About The Book:
You know, everyone is not a poet but someone is the poet. Why is someone poet? Because they have unique imagination and this imagination come from their heart. The poet Jibanananda Das tried to seek the answer to the question why is someone poet, in this book.

However, by reading this book, you will get the answer how to be a poet with Jibananada Das.

So, download the Bengali Kobita book or Bengali poem book named Kobitar Kotha by Jibanananda Das’ and read Bengali book to enjoy!

Book Name: Kobitar Kotha
Poet Name: Jibananda Das
Book Type: Poetry / Bangla Poem / Kobita / Bangla Kobita

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