Duwa O Dhurud by Emam Muhammed Al Jajri (RW.)

Duwa O Dhurud by Emam Muhammed Al Jajri is a Bangla Islamic book which is written by Emam Muhammed Al Jajri (RW).

You know, Duwa or Dua is an Arabic word but here it is used in English letters.

Dua is the very essence of the best way of worship.

In the Quran, Our Lord says, “Call on Me and I will answer You”. Dua makes that easy.

About The Book:
In this book, the author elaborates the importance, process and polite of Dua’s in prayer and the importance or way of supplications or Dua in Islam.

In the most comprehensive Bangla Islamic book that is written in Bangla and used easy words for understanding properly on the topic of Dua and Dhurud and also other matters.

After reading this book, you will understand the excellence and benefits of the Dua in our life and you will be able to How to make a Dua after prayers?

You will get the types of Dua, the pre-conditions of making Dua and the way of finishing Dua properly.

You cannot be sure that Allah will accept your Dua or not but you have to make Dua properly for a Dua to be accepted. In this book, you will get the recommendation of the polite performance of making Dua.

You know the timing and situations in making Dua are also a very important thing and there are various factors that aid a successful Dua.

Actually, this book is a store of Dua and you will get different types of Bangla Dua and Dhurud.

By the way, you will not get bored by reading this book. You will get this book in Super HQ.

So, download the Bangla Islamic book ‘Duwa O Dhurud by Emam Muhammed Al Jajri (RW)’ and read Bangla book to enjoy!

Book Name: Duwa O Dhurud
Writer Name: Emam Muhammed Al Jajri (RW.)
Book Type: Bangla Islamic Book PDF

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