How to Apply for Birthday Registration Online in Bangladesh- Online Registration & Verification

Bangladesh Birth Certificate Online Registration & Verification

Birthday Registration is the process by which a child’s birthday is recorded by the government authority.

It is the process of recognition of the child. It is so important that it is declared any other legal documents and rights.

Actually, Birth Registration is a right of a child to an identity and nationality.

The Process of Birth Registration Application (offline)

You should collect this from for applying birth registration to the birth registered office.

You may download this Application Form or you may collect this Form, from the Birth, registered office. Please download the form and print it. You have to fill up the blank box by your handwriting and then apply on the near Birth Registered office.

The process of Birth Registration (Online)
Besides the above method, you may apply application online to the Birth Registered Office by accessing this site.

You can register your birth registration by submitting the application print copy to the birth registered office.

If you click on the above link, you will get a new page and the page is like below.

In this page, you have to give below information.

First Select...
  • your Division
  • Your District
  • Your Police Station or Thana
  • Your Union
  • Your Ward
So, you have to fill up all kind of information or online application from and you must provide all required information and also all mandatory information.

Actually, the online process of fill up all information is at first you have to give all information in Bangla language and then you have to give all required information in English language and then click on the reserve button.

When you will click on the reserve button, your all information will go the computer server of birth registration office.

You must print this Form. Please do not forget that.

The final step for collecting your Birth Certificate from online is you must contact your local Birth office with your necessary documents and print copy that you have applied within 15 days. 

Important information:
The person who will register when he under the age of 5:

  • You have to collect a signature or Certification of Data collector. Or...
  • A certified copy of EPI Card. Or...
  • Clearance from the medical institutions or the birth certification copy that have obtained from the medical institution. Or...
  • Any NGO workers certification that is granted by the government.

The person who will register when he above the age of 5:

  • You have to collect MBBS doctor’s certification or signature for proofing your age and word council or member’s signature or certification must need for proofing your own place.
  • For proofing your age and birth place, you have to collect certification of official principal or head teacher or teacher.
  • You must need SSC certificate photocopy, or EPI Card or passport photocopy.
  • The register may ask of any kind of document, you have to collect this type of documents.

Here I am giving you a sample form of Birth Certification Form and a blank Registration form. You can download Birth Registration Form from the above also.

I think you have completed your Birth Registration online and then printed it. You have gone to the near local Birth Registration office and confirmed your Birth Registration.

If you want to confirm 100% then you can verify your Birth Registration online.

Now, I am showing you, How To Verify Birth Registration? or How to verify Birth Certificate?

Birth and Death registration department of Bangladesh has started a new project to check the authenticity of the applicant’s birth records issue online.

Now, we can verify the birth certificates with the new easy feature by entering birth registration number and date of birth of that person who wants to verify his birth certificates.

If matches the birth record, he/his basic information will be displayed broadly.

Note: please remember that this feature or service is available only for the people who have applied for the Birth Certificate online and whose Birth information has been transferred to the online, they will also get the service of online Birth verification in Bangladesh.

So, if you want to verify your birth registration, you must click on the below link.

For verifying your birth record, you have to go to the birth registration official site and if you click on the above link, you will get a new page and the page is given below.

You will need birth registration number and your date of birth for verifying your birth records online.

Please note that the date of birth format should be as Day-Month-Year.

Now click on the above link or text ‘verify birth certificate from here’ and if you click there, you will certainly get you information.

Lastly, I want to say, if you entered all information is correct, you will see your birth record online and which confirmed that your birth certificate is real or original or verified.

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We have tried to cover full birth registration; certificate and verification process and we have also given you some sample for downloading the birth registration form.

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