Bosudhara by Tilottama Majumdar

Bosudhara by Tilottama Majumdar is a Bengali novel book which is written by Tilottama Majumdar.

She is a great and popular Indian writer and she is more popular for writing Bengali novel book.

The story of this book is really a nice and awesome story of Bosudhara.

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About The Author:
Tilottama Majumdar was a popular Bengali writer and she was born in north Bengal. Her childhood spent in also north Bengali, of Kalachini where she also completed her early education.

She came to Calcutta in 1985 and did her graduation in the Scottish Church College in University of Calcutta.

In 1993 she started writing Bengali novels, poems, etc.

The first writing of Tilottama Majumdar was published in the Magazine of ‘Unmesh’.

Tilottama Majumdar has written many popular Bengali books and some of her famous, remarkable Bengali books are...
  • Achir Falguny by Tilottama Majumdar
  • Tobul, Tui by Tilottama Majumdar
  • Chadu by Tilottama Majumdar
  • Debi Odhobodhana by Tilottama Majumdar
  • Shor by Tilottama Majumdar
  • Rajpat by Tilottama Majumdar

About The Book:
This book is a Bangla long story based novel. In this book, you will get 408 pages and it is really a long novel story. This book was first published on December 2002.

Total publishing copy of this book was 4000 copies. This book was published by Ananda Publishers.

The first character see in this novel is Aorun Sen. He has a house and every day the sun rise behind his house and this screen is looking like beautiful.

By the way, the writing style of Tilottama Majumdar is really nice and very simple. You will understand properly of this novel story when you will read it properly.

So, download the Bengali novel book ‘Bosudhara by Tilottama Majumdar’ and read Bengali book to enjoy!

Book Name: Bosundhara
Writer Name: Tilottama Mojumdar 
Book Type: Bengali Novel

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