How to get MRP Passport Online in Bangladesh

Digital Passport MRP
A passport is a very valuable document for any country citizen. Usually, it requires traveling or employment in outside of the country. But A passport has also some other usages such as it works as an international verification system.

By the way, The country is going to be digital day by day as the leaders declared. MRP passport is a digital version of old system passport in Bangladesh.

In this article, we've covered following concerns such as...

  1. MRP passport
  2. Difference between previous passport and present passport
  3. How to get Bangladesh passport online(procedure and application form)
  4. Necessary documents requirement
  5. And other details portion of a Passport

Let discuss all of these topics below...

What is MRP? 
MRP (Machine-readable Passport) is such kind of passport that print applicant information in such way which can be read with an open eye and it keeps the applicant information in ‘Machine Readable Zone’ and in this Zone, all information about the applicant remains safe.

The information about the applicant of MRP passport can read only certain computers. A special device can read the information of MRP passport.

Why is it difference than Older Passport?
The difference between the old passport and MRP passport are as follows...
      Applicant Photo, Fingerprint, and signature are collected in digital format.
      Electronic Approval System
      Central personalization
      Instant Monitoring System
     Up to date Reporting System
      • Online Application System

How to get Bangladesh Passport Online? 
If you want to get Machine Readable Passport in Bangladesh, you can apply online by filling up MRP application form.

Applicant has to pay the fee for getting online passport application form.

After completing or filling up the application form, an applicant should go to the Bangladesh Passport office for his photography and fingerprint.

First, you visit and the first page of this site is the homepage of its.

Notice at the top of this page and you will see 4 menus such as Home, MRP Online Application, Download MRP Form and Contact.

If you click on MRP Online Application, you will see a dialogue box and in this box is written that ‘please confirm that you have read the relevant information and guidelines before you can start your application’. Then you should click on Continue to Online Enrolment.

Bangladesh Passport

After clicking on Continue to Online Enrolment, you will see the 2nd page of this site and the heading is PASSPORT APPLICATION STAGE-1.

The meaning of this is ‘you are now on the first page of online application form.

In this stage, you will see some Star sing empty box. You must fill up the star sing empty box for completing the process with successfully and the other empty box is optional for you.

If you click on the interrogative question mark, you will be given the answers.

Bangladesh Passport

SAVE NOW & CONTINUE IN THE FUTURE : If you fill up all empty boxes in the stage-1 then you have to click on this button SAVE NOW AND CONTINUE IN THE FUTURE for going in the stage-2.

You will supply application password and passport in your specified Email- that you given in stage-1 for fulfilling stage-2 properly.

Bangladesh Passport

Please notice that you will see a presence of a message box and this box, you will see “Your application has been saved.

Please check your email for your application ID and password. Now, click on the “OK” button and exit from the page or if you want to fill up stage-2 now then click SAVE & NEXT button.

Collect your application ID and password from your Email and type in application ID text box-application ID and password text box- application password then Login.

After login, the page will appear, in this page you will see APPLICATION STATUS, COMPLETE APPLICATION, and CHANGE PASSWORD the three options and below a LOGOUT option.

Your application ID has attached to the left of the top.

In the USER APPLICATION SECTION, a message is showing that is “Your online application is not yet completed”. In other words, your application is not completed yet.

For completing, you have to go to the stage-2.

Bangladesh Passport

Application Status:
If the USER APPLICATION STATUS shows the message” Branch/Foreign mission on for your bio-enrolment.

Please remember to take your bio-enrolment or your application will expire after 15 days from the day you submitted your online application that means you have to go to in the passport office and you have to do bio- enrolment within 15 days.

If you do not do bio- enrolment within 15 days then your application information will be deleted after 15 days of submission.

SAVE & NEXT : You can go to the PASSPORT APPLICATION STAGE-2 by clicking this button.

Bangladesh Passport

PASSPORT APPLICATION STAGE-2: This is the headline of page 3 and passport application page 2.

SAVE & NEXT : If you do not have any correction in this stage-2 then you go to the next or last stage that is ‘Passport Application Review Enrolment Summary’.

Here is provided your enrolment or list date. In the Reminder before Submitting Application, you are reminding that you will not get any opportunity if you click one time on the Submit or Save button.

Bangladesh Passport

You have to go to the referral branch for biometric capture or signature within the 15 workings days.

You will see a summary of your total information that you gave in stage-1 and stage-2. If you want to take any change, you can click on the PREVIOUS PAGE button.

If everything is Ok then click on the SAVE button.

Necessary Documents Requirements:

  •     Payment Fee Information
  •     Photocopy of National ID card
  •     Birth Certificate
  •     TIN Certificate (Text Identification Number)- if requires
  •     Technical Certificate –if requires

The process in Shortly:
So, you can save your all passport information in your Email address and they will update your information after your final submission. After Complete Stage-1 and Stage-2, they will review your information and then they finally submit your form.

You will get your complete passport application form in your Email after successful submission. Now, you have to print two copies of passport application form and submit one copy in Bangladesh passport office with your payment document.

You have to go to the Bangladesh passport office for fingerprint and photography. The applicant will be informed by Email of his passport delivery dates and others information.

Necessary Documents:
  1. MRP Application Form Download
  2. Online MRP Instruction/Manual/Guide

By the way, We've tried to make a useful guideline on How to get Machine Readable Passport online in Bangladesh. We've hope that this article may help you a lot in getting the Bangladesh passport or help you to know more about Bangladesh passport.

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