Meena Jokhon Choto Chilo-Meena Cartoon Comics Book Download

Meena Jokhon Choto Chilo is a Meena cartoon comics book which book will help you for learning you how to prevent the low birth weight of infants.

You will get a lot of Bangla health tips and these tips will help a mother very much.

Low birth weight infant means a new child who is less than 1.5 Kg.

This thing happened when a mother eats poor maternal nutrition at the time of pregnancy.

So, when Meena was born, her mother was very conscious about eating the good foods.

From the Bangla book, there is a lot of things to learn and this fictional character Meena is a very popular character to the child.

By the way, you can download this Bangla comic book as pdf version and read for learning the basic knowledge as a mother.

So, download the Bangla comic book Meena Jokhon Choto and read to Enjoy!

Book Name: Meena Jokhon Choto Chilo
Publisher: Unicef

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