The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway- Bangla Translated Book

The old and the sea by Ernest Hemingway is a great and popular Bangla Onubad book(Bangla Translated Ebook). The story of this book is really awesome. There is a lot of sorrow and attraction in this story.

The old fisherman named Santiago has caught nothing for 84 days, so he is thinking what a bad luck for him. Santiago is a poor man. At that time Santiago is considering unlucky. He has a partner named Manolin. His partner was a young man and Santiago has taught him since the age of five.

Though Santiago returns every evening with empty-handed, Manolin helps him to carry all equipment of old man’s and keeps company and brings food for him from the owner of the boat.

At the morning of the 85 days, Santiago catches an epic great fish. So, what next happened? If you want to know the next event of the old man and about the sea, you have to read the full book and you can just download this book from here as free.

When this book has published an essay in Esquire magazine and that time the titled was’ On the Blue Water’.

So, the story of this book is really awesome. The main character of this book named Santiago and Manolin, Martin, Rogelio, Marlin and Mako are other important characters.

Book Name: The Old Man and The Sea
Writer: Ernest Hemingway
Book Type: Bangla Translated Ebook

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