Parichiti O Hinsa by Amartya Sen - Bangla Translated Ebook

Parichiti O Hinsa by Amartya Sen is a popular Bangla book. If you want to improve your personal skills or personality, this book will be the best book for you.

Amartya Sen was born on 3 November in 1933. Amartya Sen is a Bangladeshi-Indian writer and he got Novel prize in economics and he is also a philosopher in economics. Amartya Sen got Novel prize in 1998.

Amartya Sen now is an honorable professor at the Lamont University of Harvard University. Once he was the “Master” in Trinity College of Cambridge.

The books of Amartya Sen have been translated into more than thirty languages and this book is one of the most important ebooks ‘Parichiti O Hinsa’ of Amartya Sen.

Parichiti O Hinsa by Amartya Sen is now available in high-quality printing. If you read this book with high-quality printing, you surely will get the best reading experience. So, enjoy the wonderful book of Amartya Sen.

Book Name:  Parichiti O Hinsa
Writer:  Amartya Sen

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