Cleopatra by Henry Rider Haggard-Bangla Translated Ebook

Cleopatra by Henry Rider Haggard is a novel is a successful popular novel. The book was first published in 1989. The story of this book is set in the Ptolemaic era of ancient Egyptian history. Actually, Cleopatra story is based on the adventure story of Egyptian.

The main character of this story is Harmahis.

Henry Rider Haggard was an English adventure writer and Haggard was also skilled in making a scene in exotic locations and concepts. So, Haggard is a really good writer.

As the writer of this book Haggard, the story of this book draws the attention of heavily adventure and exotic concepts and locations. The story was told from the point of view of the Egyptian or the main character Harmachis who is recounted in biblical language.

You will find all characters are mixtures of good and bad or evil and sympathy. Haggard made excellent dialogue by all the characters.

Haggard introduced in the later part of this book, the character of Mark Antony. But, in the Egyptian history, Mark Antony was a most important.

Book Name: Cleopatra
Author: Henry Rider Haggard

Book Type: Bangla Translation

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