Laraku Potua by Hasnat Abdul Hye

Laraku Potua by Hasnat Abdul Hye is a popular and great book. The bangla novel Laraku Potua has written about the life of artist Quamrul Hassan (1921-1988).

Hasnat Abdul Hye normally writes who has given certain statements to present generation.

Quamrul Hassan is a great artist in Bangladesh. He was educated in modern education but he did not forget the culture of rural life.

For this reason, Hasnat Abdul Hye choose him for writing a live, truth and educational life story of Quamrul Hassan.

If you read this novel Laraku Potua by Hasnat Abdul Hye, you will learn many thing and good writing style of how to write.

The meaning of Laraku is struggler and Potua means is wiser. Hasnat Abdul Hye has given the title of Potua of Quamrul Hassan for his good work, cultural concern.

Book Name: Laraku Potua
Writer: Hasnat Abdul Hye

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