Download Ei Puratan Akhargoli By Hasan Azizul Hoque

Hasan Azizul Hoque  who is very famous writer in Bangladesh writes Ei Puratan Akhargoli. This is the book of his autobiography. He writes his autobiography by his own.

He is famous for his experimentation with the language. He is the first who introduce in literature the modern idioms in his writings.

His little writing becomes the precious writings. He earned many acclaim. In his writings explore the depths of human beings and poverty life style in Bangladesh.

His story and writings are the great forever wealth for Bangla literature. Ei Puratan Akhargoli explains about Hasan Azizul Huq and his boyhood, childhood.

Hasan Azizul Huq wrote his autobiography at two pices. This book is another book of autobiography about him. He wrote his autobiography so you can trust on this book story.

Book Name:  Ei Puratan Akhargoli
Writer: Hasan Azizul Hoque

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