NCTB Text Book For Class 9-10: Business Entrepreneurship

If you are looking for the NCTB Text Book For Class 9-10 titled Business Entrepreneurship, you'll be able to get the text book from in this page of Bangla Books PDF.

The book is very useful for learning business too. Who are willing to be an entrepreneur in life and learn business entrepreneurship, They can be benefited too by reading this book along with the students of class nine & ten or SSC examiners.

NCTB Text Book For Class 9-10: Business Entrepreneurship: 
A student who takes commerce or business study group in class 9-10, has to read the subject Business Entrepreneurship.

The subject is very useful for the students. It also helpful to learn business. It is not only for helpful for the students of that class, but also helpful for them who are willing to learn business and take the initiatives in business enterprise.

What is Business: 
Generally business means being busy in doing something. But in broad, it means being busy in doing something profitable which is measurable by the amount of money.

So, if a person remains busy in purchasing or producing goods or products or services and gaining profit by selling or delivering to potential customers can be mentioned as business.

Business Entrepreneurship

What is Entrepreneurship:
Entrepreneurship is one of the most vital factors which are important in the process of economic development of a country. Entrepreneurship ensures the optimum usage of assets and human power.

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the process of developing a new business where planning, producing, managing and other business staffs included.

Who is an Entrepreneur:
The person who takes the entrepreneurship or initiative of a business can be called as the entrepreneur. In the field of business, an entrepreneur has mass role. Because, land, capital & organization are the basic elements of production. But without a person the elements never produce anything.

The person who produces product or service or value to customers by optimum usage of the basic elements of production is the entrepreneur.

Business Entrepreneurship

Why do You should Learn Business Entrepreneurship:
If you are a student of class nine or ten or a participant of SSC examination of commerce group or business study group, then you have to study on Business Entrepreneurship. The meaning of it on Bangla is 'Bebsay Uddog'.

But, if you are not in above condition but a small business owner or interested to learn business and its functions or want to produce something and sell it on the market, then the book is also very useful for you to help you in the field of practical life.

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