Shoriyot - Islamic Magazine Name: Shoriyot
Edition: March, 2015
Magazine Type: Bangla Islamic Magazine.

Bangla Islamic magazine titled Shoriyot is a great popular Bangla Islamic magazine in Bangladesh. By reading this magazine, you will learn many things. This magazine is a monthly magazine and this book is really a nice.

You should not miss of reading this Bangla magazine because it replace the current Islamic situation and for this reason, it must read as you are a Muslim. Actually, this Bangla Islamic Magazine is really a popular Magazine.

By the way, download this Bangla book or Bangla Islamic Magazine titled "Shoriyot", edition- March- 2015. Read Bangla book to enjoy Bangla literature. 

Remarks:  You know books plays an important role in our life and it is said that it is our best companions. We can say that books are real friends in a real sense because they demand nothing from us in exchange of they give us plenty of joy.

For this reason, read Bangla Humayun Ahmed books to be a good student. and read Muhammed Zafar Iqbal books and also read Sunil Gangopadhyay books to be a good person.

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