How To Practice & Learn English- 5 Special Tips

Learn English
English is an worldwide used language. As we are not native in English, We usually remain weak in using English to communicate whether it is in formal or informal usage. To improve English efficiency, there is no alternative of practicing it well.

By practicing English following some good rules or tips, A person can change his English rapidly. To improve it dynamically, A person should learn English by following a strategical plan to improve English. Here are 5 tips. I hope by following these simple tips to learn English, Your objectives may become true.

1. To learn a language, you are required to learn its grammatical facts such as word, sentence, pronunciation, speech, quote, transformation and other important facts. By following an well explained English grammar book, you can get it.

2. Developing vocabulary is so important to learn a language. You can keep a well English to Bangla dictionary nearby yourself so that you can check and get the meaning of unknown words. On the other hand, The present period is the period of smart phones. There are many English to Bangla dictionary apps available on the apps store. You can get some standard dictionary from that in your smart phone and learn new word meaning.

3. Try to learn daily new English word meaning. Set it as like as taking medicine daily. When you are ill, you need to take medicine. You take medicine by following the prescription schedule. Like that, feel that you are ill for the weakness in English. So, learn daily 10-20 new word meaning regularly. For further improvement, you can learn a word with the synonyms and antonyms. And You can build your vocabulary rapidly by learning prefix and suffix too.

4. Direct memorizing is hard. Because, it has chance to forget. Read English news, story book, article etc regularly. Whenever you will get an unknown word, find out the meaning of it by using your dictionary and write down it on a paper. After completing the English writing, memorize the unknown words for 20 minutes which are written on your paper. You will be able to remember them for longer. Such process will be helpful to improve reading skills too.

5. Make a group with your some friends. Set a time & be desciplined to practice grammar, speaking with your new English practicing group. Gradually, all can improve their English.

Learn English

Learning English is not so hard when it get the touch of fun, interest and enjoyment. When you can be able to get these element on your learning efforts, you can improve your English dramatically.