Download Bangla Business Ebook Titled Bebsay Shurur Mulkotha

All financial activities of human being are processed to earn revenue. Business is a massive concept which covers almost 90% of financial demands of mankind. To earn profit, all valid activities of mankind are called as business.

In Bangladesh, usually, most of our graduates rush behind to be employed by an employer. But, there are massive chances if we can take risk, manage our risk involved our financial activities and make profit from our business. To be a businessman there is required to be bravo minded. Because, it involves potential risk to lose money and constantly, a better way to make money than traditional job. It is a better way to make money when a person can manage his potential risk and take right decision in the field of business.

Business covers huge activities of our livelihood. Such as we required to make a decision that we will be businessman, we will find out a business opportunity which is favorable to us, we will manage the potential risk included on that, we will minimize the cost to build and operate the business, we will keep proper accounts of business transaction, we will give proper customer value, we will fulfill our customer needs etc are the basic recommendations of operating a business and making money from it.

Bebsa Shurur Mulkotha is a book organized by Dhaka Ahsania Mission which has covered small business concept at all. The book is not boring to read. It has pictorial presentation also. If you have interest on business whether you will be a businessman or a student of business, the book must help you to learn business concept.

Becoming an entrepreneur can be a better solution to make a source of own livelihood and make potential job opportunities for others people. It can be a contribution to the financial growth of a country too. From Bangla Books PDF, we always encourage you to learn business and think with it. For acquiring further knowledge on business, entrepreneurship, you may download Bangla Entrepreneurship Book and read the review of the Hand Book of Entrepreneur.

Book Name: Bebsa Shurur Mulkotha
Published By: Dhaka Ahsania Mission

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