How to Send An Email in Gmail -Internet Tips

The traditional letter writing using paper and pen is almost gone away where the touch of latest communicating way like internet is coming. Although the letter writing and sending in paperback is existed in some sectors such as government communicating purposes. But, for personal communicating, massive usage of email and other digital communication are noticeable.

However, if you don't know yet how to send an email, here are some quick tips to learn such process of sending an email.

This is a basic internet tips. The process is so simple and we are using the most prominent email service on the world named GMAIL. Gmail is a product of the most prominent search engine named Google. So, here we are going to show an email sending process using gmail. If you know that, that is enough to send an email.

Step-1: Firstly, go to this link. It is the log in page of gmail. To send an email in gmail, you are required to have an email account in gmail. You can create that by using that link too. If you have just log in there using your ID and password.

Step-2: After log in you will get the preference like above picture. Click on compose as like as the picture shown above.

Step-3: Look at the above picture. This is for your compose an email. In the box named "To", write the email address in where the written email will go. In the box named "Subject", write your email subject or title. You can leave it empty too. And the big box for writing is to write your message, idea, information which will be sent to other person. By putting one more email address, you can send an email to various person in one time. That means, to send same email to more than one person, you don't need to resend one email again and again. To send file such as picture, document, pdf file or anything else, you need to click on attach file and wait for uploading the file on your gmail. then you can click on "send". If you click on send, the email will reach to your destination email address within few seconds only!