Why don’t More People Set Goals

We work basis on our intentions, dreams and desire. When these elements are well-defined and well-organized with a strategic plan to achieve such, we get a goal. Setting clear goal is so important in order to become successful.

It is usually seen that many people do not set their goal.


There are plenty of reasons for that. Some notable points of not setting a goal might be…

01. Fear of Failure: People who do not set their goal always remain in fear of becoming failure. Thus, they remain stopped from setting their goal. Because, they think that if they set their goal and become failure, other peoples may call them as unsuccessful persons. And they don’t want to see them in that way. But,  the actual word is that if they do not set their goal and work for it, they are usually failure from the beginning. It is not a guilty to become failure. It is really a guilty for not trying.

02. Negative Attitude: Positive attitude makes the path easy to be successful. Actually, positive attitude matters a lot. Negative attitude is just opposite to positive attitude. Who have negative attitude they feel problems and obstacles more than probabilities.

03. Lack of Ambition: Limitation of thought caused low value. Lack of ambitious mind is caused by low value and lack of intention of living completely.

04. Procrastination: This is a great problem behind setting goal. One day I will set my goal...Such concept creates procrastination and do not allow to set a goal.

05. Low Confidence: If somebody does not reserve enough self-confidence, it is usually hard to take a step of taking a challenge for success. Setting goal is the primary and important step of walking on the path of success.

To set goal, a person must need to know what is goal and the importance of setting goal along with how to set a goal. Lacking of knowing goal enough may also cause for not setting goal in the path of living.