Jatiya Kobi Kazi Nazrul Islam University

Jatiya Kobi Kazi Nazrul Islam University is a very recent public university which started its journey just seven years ago. The university is situated at Trishal; in the district of Mymensing. The place where it is situated is called Battala which has significance. There is an old Banyan tree under the shadow of which our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam used to play his flute and develop poetic sense in his mind. Though the university is very recent, still it has made progress in this very short time.

The first thing which creates a positive sense in our mind is the natural view of  Jatiya Kobi Kazi Nazrul Islam University. The university is holding the beauty of nature remembering the great poet Kazi Nazrul Islam who once used to live among this beautiful nature and developed his sense of poetic genius. The nature also affects the minds of the inhabitants.

In spite of being a new university, Jatiya Kobi Kazi Nazrul Islam University is making progress very fast. It started its journey as a university in 2007. Since then the university has achieved a huge progress. When it started its journey, at first it had only 185 students. But today, there are thousands of students getting their education here. There are four faculties of the university under which a number of departments are running their program. There are Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Science and Engineering and Faculty of Social Science. The departments under these faculties are: Bangla Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Dramatics, Fine Arts, Music, Public Administration, Computer science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Economics and Finance and Banking. All these departments are very much sincere about their students and their education. The teachers are also very careful and sincere. They are trying their best to take this university to a very prestigious position.

Jatiya Kazi Nazrul Islam University

As the university is named after the great rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, it bears the sense and motto of the great poet. It is the first university among all the public universities of our country which is bearing such kind of values. So, it gives very importance on the culture of the country and tries to enrich it by the knowledge they gain. But it is not just a place for practicing culture. Science and technology is also taught here to enable the students to keep pace with the modern time. It provides its students different types of modern equipments which help them in their study.

Though Jatiya Kobi Kazi Nazrul Islam University is a very new institution, still the progress it has made is really praiseworthy. Besides providing modern and technology based education, it is also trying to uphold the culture and values of the country giving tribute to its name. Moreover, the natural beauty of this public university has a positive effect on human mind. So, in a word, Jatiya  Kobi Kazi Nazrul Islam University is bearing a great motto and we wish that it will definitely go a long way.