How to Improve Your Writing Skills Dramatically

If you want to improve your writing skills in order to write a killer article or develop article writing skills, you are required to learn on how to write first. Who writes regularly, most of them called writing as an art. And like every art, if you want to be master on it, you are required to have enough practice.

However, to improve your writing skills, here are few tips so that you can achieve what you want by applying these writing tips.

1. Reading
If you want to improve your writing, the first condition is that you have to improve your reading skills and reading habit and read as much as you can. That means, you  have to read a lot. There are many benefits of reading. But for writing, you are required to have good knowledge on what is going to be written by you. And reading is the best way to know on it.

2. Practice
What you read, try to make summery on that. Always try to write. If you can manage it everyday, write everyday. If you can't, try to as much as you can!

3. Notice on Writer & Writing
If you really want to improve your writing skills, you should notice other writers and their writings . You have to notice on how do they write, what do they write, how have they putted their words, how have they organized their writing task etc. Many of answers can be found on analyzing their writings only.

4. Social Networking
Social networking sites can help you a lot to improve your writing skills. Basically, these give us to write called as status and show in front of others. If other feel interested on it, they usually like it, comment it etc. By this process, you will be able to ensure the quality of your written status.

5. Attitude
To improve writing skills dramatically, their is only a good way that is improving your attitude to learn writing. Writing is a matter of feeling more than learning. So, feel it, make stronger attitude to it. When you are commenting on a blog, try to apply your writing rules, When you are share a status, try to write it by applying your writing techniques.

Actually, all tips for improving writing skills may be defined as two steps. One is reading another is practicing the writing. And continuing these two steps will bring you the success!