5 Features of a Perfect Goal and Goal Setting

goal setting
Goal setting is important to lead a meaningful life and achieve success in order to gain prosperity. If someone does not work toward a specific goal, the enthusiasm spread out like firing on a jungle. This has a great impact to our life. Because, at last, it makes a person frustrated! Actually, goal indicates a person to a specific path to maintain the life.

If you ask some persons that what is the main goal of his life. Many answers will be just similar to each other. Because, many of those may answer that they want to be happy in life, they want to be succeed and so on like these. These type of answers are unclear and vague. Because, these are not goals at all. These are just some wishes for life. They have just mixed their wishes and desire with the word goal. But they probably don't know the real meaning of the word goal and its importance  at all!  That's why many people don't set their goal.  You will find the meaningful and clear answers from very few persons from your asked people.

goal setting

So, what are the features of goal by those you can be able to justify one's goal or your own goal?

Features of Goal
Goal has some specific features by which you will be able to justify whether you are in a goal or not. By analyzing these features, You will also be able to find out the errors in your goal. So, if you have any goal in your life, try to analyze that by the features of goal narrated below:

1. Goal Must Be Specific
Firstly, you need to understand the difference between wish, intention and goal. Then analyze whether you have just an intention or a goal. Suppose, you want to reduce your weight. It is your intention. But it will be goal only then when you fix that you will reduce your weight 10 pound within  10 days and when you fix the necessary steps to reduce your weight, that is the planning. Before proper goal setting, you can't plan properly. Or without setting goal, your planning will be just a joke!

2. Goal Will Be Measurable
When you are in the path of achieving your goal where you are going forward by maintaining your plan strategically and perfectly, you have to measure your progress periodically. So, your goal must be measurable. Otherwise, you can't achieve your goal. Here, the meaning of measuring goal is to measuring the progress.

3. Goal Will Be Achievable
If you have to face any hard situation to earn the goal, you will be able to face and you will have the abilities to face, and the probability of achieving that goal will remain. Only then, your goal is achievable. And, you set your goal beyond your ability, that can't be a goal at all.

4. Goal Will Be Realistic
Your goal must be realistic and adjustable to the reality. Any imaginable and unrealistic goal can't be a goal at last! That will be just an imagination.

5. Goal Will Have A Specific Period
A proper goal has a specific time to achieve the goal within that time. Such as, you can set your goal for 2 months, 6 months or 1 year and so on. Almost three types of goals are existed according to the time those are Short Term(within one year), Mid-Term( within three years) and Long Term(within 5 years). If any goal requires time more than 5 years then that will be a great objective of the life.

goal setting

To live a creative and meaningful life, we should have goal in our life. But we have to always try to keep the balance between our goal, our family and other sides of our world. Otherwise, we will go forward to our goal rapidly, but one day, ignoring of other sides may hamper our life totally.