Carmichael College, Rangpur

Carmichael College
Carmichael College or popularly called as Rangpur Carmichael College is one of the well-known and largest colleges of Bangladesh. It is situated at Rangpur district; in the Northern part of Bangladesh.

Rangpur Carmichael College is mainly popular for its vast green campus and for the result too. It has, in other words, become a part of our tradition too because of its long and glorious history. It is a proud for Rangpur district.

Carmichael College is a very historical college. It was established in the British period in 1916. The college was named after Lord Tomas David Baron Carmichael. He was the governor of Bengal. Then it was affiliated with Calcutta University and had both intermediate and honors sectors. Later, when the country was free and partition took place, the college became associated with Dhaka University. In 1953, it came under the association of Rajshahi University till 1992 and then came under the authority of National University.

Rangpur Carmichael College provides honors course for the students and is a very popular college among all the colleges under National University. The education quality is also very good in this college. There are various departments here which provide standard and qualified education to their students. The teachers are also very careful of the reputation of the college. So, they do their job with great efficiency and try their best for the betterment of their students. Even, it can be said that they are more careful of their students than most of the public universities.

Carmichael College

The college building is very large and of great architectural beauty. As it is a very old and historical building, there is also a touch of historical beauty. The large premise it has in front of it, is really very beautiful and charming. It looks like a green carpet in front of the building. It covers about 257 acres of land and its natural beauty is really remarkable. It is not only blessed with natural beauty, but also it has an organized look. The whole premise is well organized and there is a combination of discipline and nature which make it more beautiful.

The college is a place to build future for the students. About thirty thousand students study here with an aim and dream in their eyes. So, it is a place for dream making too. Students study here under great care and observation. As teachers are very helpful, it is also helpful for their career. There are both science and arts faculty for doing honors. The result of the students is also very satisfying.

Carmichael College is a very famous name in The Northern part of our country. It is a thing to be proud for the people of Rangpur. Earlier it had intermediate level too. That was also very good. But now, it has only honors sector and many people get themselves admitted here for a better future.

Rangpur Carmichael College is popular both for its natural beauty and educational quality. It can be said in a word that it is a renowned educational institution with a charming environment.