American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB)

Now-a-days, whenever we think of getting admission into a university to build our future, the name (AIUB) that is American International University of Bangladesh, comes to our mind very often. It is a private university and today, it is giving competition to so many renowned universities. Even many students prefer studying here than to study in a public varsity if they can manage the money they will need for the admission; because besides good education, the university assures you a fast completion of your graduation without any session jam.

American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB) was established in 1994 at Banani, Dhaka. Dr. Anwarul Abedin was the founder of the university. Since the starting of its journey, the university has shown always a good performance in education. It is ready to keep pace with the moving time and that is why it provides its students all the facilities regarding science and technology.

American International University of Bangladesh operates its function in a very systematic way which is a very good thing. Under four faculties it is running its activities. They are:

1. Faculty of Arts and Social science
 2. Faculty of Business Administration
3. Faculty of Science and Information Technology
4. Faculty of Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering(CSE) and Electrical and Electronic Engineering(EEE) are the two most popular subjects of this university. Their modern and technology based education system is very helpful for the students. There are different modern equipments too for their practical practice. So, they can understand more closely what they are being taught in their classrooms. This is a very positive thing both for their self enrichment and for a bright future.

Other sectors of this university are also very well organized and properly managed. There is a very rich library which provides them with all kinds of help they need. There is a prayer room, an auditorium and hostels for the students. Most importantly, the security system of the university is very strong. They keep their eyes always on everything so that no mismanagement can be occurred. There are CCTV cameras for all-time observation of the activities of the students. There is strict security on the gate too. No one can enter in the university without permission. The university also provides scholarships to the students on basis of their results. There is also opportunity to get scholarship in abroad after completing their graduation. They are also given health facilities too.

American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB)

So, American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB) is really doing a good job in the field of education. The university is providing their students good quality of education besides other facilities. Though, as for being a private university, the amount to get admission and also throughout the whole graduation period is a very large amount for many of the students of our country, still many students want to get admission in this university for a better and secured future. But only money cannot help to get admission here. One will definitely need a good result for this.