Various Types of MBA Degree With Their Objectives

MBA Degree
MBA or the Master of Business Administration is the widely popular post graduate degree and the most taken and asked for degrees of the present world and specially in the business world.

MBA provides the degree holders to have a nice job in an attractive business environment. It has it’s variations with due perspectives. So let us not waste any more time and see through what they are.

Types of MBA Programs
The mostly used and taken variations of the program are:

01. Full Time MBA Program for 2 years: The whole 2 years you have to be very attentive to your mastering school or university as they will leave no other options for you to work with but their study.

02. Accelerated MBA Program: Takes up to One and a half year, more pressure than the whole one and yes more field work and presentations.

03. Weekend MBA Program: Kind of a part time MBA program, more free and much spaced but not the required detailed. Good for middle-aged people and workers of different kind.

04. Executive MBA Program: Ran by an executive program or study guide by the business school or university you are under in.

05. Distance Learning MBA Program: The online MBA program, for people and students who are unable to settle in another city or may not find the space to be at the precised school.

06. Dual MBA Programs: This requires higher graduate skills for a single MBA is so much demanded and tough at the same time, taking a Dual MBA is a matter of huge guts.

With its variations of programming, it has variations of its kind too. Let us see what they are:

MBA degrees offered in subjects/faculties as followed:
  • Economics
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Math and Statistics
  • Operations Management
  • Ethics
  • Leadership

MBA Degree
Sample MBA Program Outline

In addition to these you may also find interest in:

  • MBA in Health Care Management–helps you to run any heath care and you don’t need to be doctor for that, for doctors will heal the patients, while you’ll be managing the whole body and stuffs.

  • MBA in Human Resources (HR)–One of the most demanded one now, the research works and field works of human resources.

  • MBA in Communication–The most widely used method, the communication system and MBA offers a masters study on it too!

  • MBA in Project Management–Project managements as NGO, firms, Film making etc are offered with MBA now.

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship–This is another one of the rare kinds, yes MBA has reached its limits on the entrepreneurship too!

  • MBA in IT Management–IT management is new and one of a kind. The fusion form of Information Technology and Management now requires the MBA study. No, you wouldn’t need to be an Information and Technology expert for this but be the boss who would know to run the management.

These are the various types of MBA courses available throughout the world but may not be all the same everywhere. Some of these courses will differ and may not be available in you region for its less necessity of less space got there.