Bangla Poem or Bangla Kobita book Named Nirjhor by Kazi Nazrul Islam

All of us know that Kazi Nazrul Islam is the national poet of Bangladesh. The great poet has written so many stronger voiced Bangla poems and Bangla songs. The songs written by Kazi Nazrul Islam are treated as the "Nazrul Sangit" which are so rich by the structure of words. Kazi Nazrul Islam can also sing a song so nicely. He can flute so skillfully.

We know that this poet is really an asset of Bangla literature and will live forever in our heart as the Bangla literature survives. The poems of Kazi Nazrul Islam protest against various wrong systems and show path to the beautiful solution.

There are several Kazi Nazrul Islam poems which gave motivation to the freedom fighter of Bangladesh liberal war 1971. For strongest voice in poems and so natural words usage, Kazi Nazrul Islam poems are famous.

However, If you want to read a Bangla Poem book of Kazi Nazrul Islam, here Bangla books PDF has arranged a poem book of Kazi Nazrul Islam named 'Nirjhor". We hope, you will like it.

Book Name: Nirjhor
Poet: Kazi Nazrul Islam
Book Type: Poetry

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