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Khulna University

Khulna University
Khulna is one of the famous cities in Bangladesh. Sundarban has made this city extremely exclusive. Khulna University is a public university which has achieved success in a very short time. Students of this university are now working in abroad and nationally. Public jobs are now available for them. Getting the chance in Khulna University has become tougher than previous years. The history of Khulna University is not very long. Within this period, people have taken this university as a center of dependability. There are so many opportunities.

With vivid information about this university, a person can be benefited. Here is a review provided downward regarded the information of Khulna University.

Establishment of Khulna University: In 1991, Khulna University started their official program. There were many problems. But the people of the university faced it with great courage. A university far from the capital was difficult to run. The strong administration structure changed the view about this happening. Staffs and teachers started to grow. Huge number of students got themselves admitted intoKhulna University. After completing the program of the first batch, student reputation was raised high. A public university like KU started to regain its honor. That is how the procedures started.

Khulna University

Campus and Location of Khulna University: Khulna University is situated little far from the divisional city. The campus of KU is beyond description. It is a center of attraction and friendship for students and teachers. The field in front of the varsity is surrounded with trees. Refreshment has got a taste in Khulna University. A major advantage of this university campus is that the campus is free from student politics. So, there is a little chance of closing the campus for long enough. There are vacations while students from different corner of Bangladesh return home. The campus look like a graveyard, then.

Admission in Khulna University: Getting admitted in Khulna University is not easy due to a tough test. Every year an admission test is held for selecting students. The students get a chance to study in Khulna University not only for being graduate, but also for ensuring a better future life. The skills of students get developed by participating in various positive activities.

Khulna University

Administration of Khulna University: Khulna University is administrated by the vice chancellor. He takes care of the problems and notifies about the works that should be done. There are 5 schools which includes 21 disciplines. Students get the facility of a rich library and highly decorated laboratory. The facility of residence is also satisfactory. Again the teachers are experienced and look after the students very well. Staffs and members of this university get the honor as equal as teachers. Engineering and Applied Science schools are very popular in Khulna University. Beside that commerce and arts faculties are also included in Khulna University. The Fine arts school is enriched with great artists.

Khulna University

Activities of Students of Khulna University: Students of Khulna University participate in various fields of the job. They are developing quality and trying to ensure a better life for Bangladesh. A student with the motto of changing is foremost criteria for changing the nation.

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